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World Cancer Day: Close the Care Gap (2022-2024)

Updated: Jun 11

Every year, on February 4th, the world comes together to raise awareness about cancer and its impact on individuals, families, and communities. This is the second year in the campaign #ClosetheCareGap. The fight against cancer is not equal for everyone, and the theme of this year's World Cancer Day is focused on equity in cancer care.

Cancer is a global issue, affecting many people worldwide, but the impact of the disease is not equally distributed. Differences in access to cancer care and outcomes exist across different communities. Even in Singapore, some people are unable to seek proper treatment or screening due to a lack of resources, finances, and other personal circumstances.

The unequal distribution of cancer outcomes is a complex issue, rooted in a variety of social, economic, and political factors. But, it is a problem that we must address if we are to make any progress in the fight against cancer. The theme #ClosetheCareGap is a call to action for individuals to take charge of their health and make a difference in the fight against cancer, but it is also a call to action for governments, healthcare providers, and organizations - to address the issues of equity in cancer care.

So, what can be done to address the issues of equity in cancer care?

  1. Raise Awareness: Raising awareness about the issues of equity in cancer care is crucial in gaining support and bringing about change. Share information about the impact of cancer and cancer prevention

  2. Reduce Health Disparities: Addressing the root causes of health disparities, such as poverty, lack of education, and discrimination, is crucial in reducing the impact of cancer on communities

  3. Increasing Resources: Cancer research is important to improve cancer outcomes and to address the needs of the communities.

In conclusion, World Cancer Day is a day to unite for a future without cancer, but it is also a day to acknowledge the challenges faced by different communities and work towards addressing the issues of equity in cancer care. Our team at Melissa Teo Surgery and The Surgical Oncology Clinic are committed to taking action and working together to reduce the impact of cancer and improve outcomes for everyone.

You may read more about this #ClosetheCareGap on the World Cancer Day website. Linked below:

If you are in Singapore, there is a World Cancer Day Carnival held by the Singapore Cancer Society today. For more info, please click the link below:

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