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Nursing Was the Perfect Marriage

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Since young, I have always been interested in science and doing work with my hands. Hence, after high school, I pursued a diploma in a chemistry-related field, and subsequently worked in the chemical industry. However, after a few years working in the lab, I felt a calling to serve and care for people. It was at this exact time, when the opportunity to enter nursing knocked, and I decided to take a leap of faith and enter nursing school.

Nursing was the perfect marriage of things that I loved doing - talking to people, serving people and witnessing the amazing work of biology, pharmaco-chemistry and physics working together to enhance health. I was in love!

Of course, working as a nurse had its challenges, but over the years I gradually gained experience in both the medical and surgical settings, and learnt how to nurse patients across all age groups. In my last 5 years in the public institution, I specialized in wound and ostomy care, and fell further in love with the treatment of wounds. However, I must state that I have no favorites - a maggot-filled pressure sore, or a clean post-surgery wound, I treat them with the same enthusiasm.

Late 2019, I had the privilege of joining The Surgical Oncology Clinic and Melissa Teo Surgery as a wound and ostomy nurse specialist. My work at the clinics have given me a much deeper understanding of surgery and oncology (cancer). Working alongside surgeons in the operating theater has allowed me to see and experience the wonderful creation of the human body. I believe that knowledge and skills are a gift from God, and these gifts are given to us to extend God’s work on earth. The skills of our surgeons are indeed fulfilling this calling in bringing hope to the hopeless and bringing comfort to the sick.

- Written by Esther

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