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Royal Health and Why Health Screenings Matter

The recent news of King Charles and Princess Kate Middleton's encounter with cancer has sparked conversation surrounding the increasing incidence of cancer and the necessity of health screenings. Their heartbreaking experience serves as a powerful reminder of the indispensable role of proactive healthcare measures in identifying underlying medical conditions.

This is especially true for younger patients, like the Princess. Young people often do not regard themselves at risk of medical conditions. However, regular screenings at an early enough age could have a huge impact on the outcomes of all diseases.

When asked, Dr Grace Tan advises her patients to undergo regular health screening at the appropriate age. “This would allow us (doctors) to pick up diseases early. And, instead of seeing late-stage cancers, we could pick them at an earlier stage which will certainly mean a better outcome for all patients. So, prevention and early detection is the key to staying healthy,' she said.

As for King Charles, the scenario is that of an older individual, undergoing treatment for a particular health condition, discovering an unrelated medical ailment. This unforeseen scenario is not uncommon, and perhaps could have been avoided if one was undergoing regular health screenings.

The necessity for regular health screenings goes well beyond simple precautionary steps; it signifies an active effort to safeguard and improve one's health. While the idea of medical examinations may cause anxiety, it's crucial to acknowledge their vital role in preventive healthcare.

At Melissa Teo Surgery and the Surgical Oncology Clinic, our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive health screenings tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that you receive the proactive care and attention you require.

If you have more questions on health screening, please do check out our posts on health screening here, and feel free to make an appointment with our Specialists who will be able to advise you further.

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