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Happy IWD! #InspireInclusion

International Women's Day (IWD) is March 8. This year’s theme of #InspireInclusion resonates strongly with our clinic. We are an all women team, with two female doctors, two female nurses and five female clinic administrative staff. In the clinic, the women in our team work hard to bring the best possible care to our patients. And at home, they are mothers, daughters and sisters.


But in reality, for women to play all these varied roles, they have to also take care of their health. Women suffer from all types of cancers, but the top few cancers affecting women are breast, lung, cervical, endometrial, ovarian, and skin cancers.


Routine women's health screening, using mammography, colonoscopy and Pap testing, is known to assist in the early detection of cancer and thereby has the potential to increase positive health outcomes for women. However, traditionally, compliance rates to women's health screening are lower than desired because of multiple barriers.


This International Women’s Day 2024, we want to wish all women good health, and the freedom to take charge of your health.


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