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A port-a-cath is a medical device implanted under the skin of the upper chest. The disc-shaped port is attached to a thin tubing that threads into a large vein. The port allows frequent infusion of drugs (for example, chemotherapy) and blood taking. It also prevents inflammation of the veins (phlebitis) which may occur from frequent intra-venous punctures and is easy to maintain.


It may stay as long as the doctor determines that you need it, and it can be easily removed once treatment has been completed and it is no longer required


Insertion of port-a-cath is a short procedure that can be comfortably performed for patients under sedation, local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

Here at Melissa Teo Surgery and The Surgical Oncology Clinic, we frequently perform port-a-cath insertions and provide after-surgery care.

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