Christina T.

Senior Clinic Administrator​

Christina’s passion has been to create a better relationship with people and strive to meet individual’s needs. This led her to pursue her career in Human Resource for more than 15 years. She was given the opportunity to learn different aspects of HR roles and was placed in the supervisory position to further develop her interpersonal skills. The interactions with the internal stakeholders, vendors, trainers and students extended her social network and enabled her to forge valuable friendships. This intrigues her to learn more about human behaviour. This has also led her to pursue her education in Human Resource and Psychology.


A passionate, detailed, driven, and committed HR professional always seeks an opportunity to learn and grow in various aspects of her life. Her passion has driven her to a greater calling in the mission trip to Mexico for 2.5 years where she has to learn a new language and culture in order to communicate well and befriend the Mexicans. Through her accommodative attitude and perseverance, she has inspired many lives, in one way or another.


In hopes to further involve herself in benefiting the local community, she decided to join Melissa Teo Surgery, a healthcare industry, in 2019. She believes in engaging actively with different groups of people, especially those who have inspiring stories to tell. Evidently, as a Senior Clinic Administrator, she has committed to understanding and supporting patients who are persevering despite their predicaments, and hopes that her presence can bring a smile to everyone who visits the clinic.